Mr Frontend Testimonials

Developers are very happy with Mr Frontend. They want to share with you how happy they are with us. If you have questions to them, about the community, please contact them. The love to tell you in person.

If you have questions to them, about the community, about coaching, please contact them. They love to tell you in person.

I’m really grateful to Mr Frontend (Raymon) because he has helped me on taking a learning path in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Giving me detailed feedback on those points I had to improve, and what is very important, Encouraging and coaching me in the long way of learning and the…

Sami A. Delgado – Junior Frontend Developer

The Mr Frontend Community is a great place the learn all sorts of programming skills. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or already have some years experience under your belt. You can always expect help and friendly conversations. Such love, much wow.

Robin Stickel – Junior Frontend Developer

I love the way Mr Frontend (Raymon) helps me with spicing up my CSS & JavaScript skills. The way the communicate is clear but also with a lot of fun. I’ve the feeling the coaches at Mr Frontend have a ton of experience, so that helps a lot!

Casey Robins – Junior Frontend Developer