As community, we support Frontend Development Coaching. To make it clear for everyone this free coaching service works, we have written some guidelines. If something is not clear, please contact us on [email protected].

1. You need a (private) project to start.

To get started the best way, you need a project. Because without one, it is very hard for us to coach you and help you to improve your skills.

If you don’t have any project for yourself, we will help you to think about some personal projects. Maybe a todo app, that is the most simple form of a personal side-project.

2. We give feedback on your project and code

If you have a cool project to work on, you need to add this project to Github. This helps us to feedback your code more easily. To make it opensource, it is also possible that some other Developers can help you. So you are not bonded to 1 person.

We will provide actionable feedback, add comments on your code and send you an email/personal message with good resources that will help you develop your personal project further.

3. You are gonna read the resources and feedback

After reading the resources and feedback, you can start to improve your project with everything you have learned.

4. We will check your improvements

When you’re done with the improvements, you send the Github link to us via email ([email protected]), so we can check your improvements again.

Side note:

The free coaching service is including a once in 2-weeks response. In the future, we will create a premium service for more times a week response.

Keep in mind our coaches & mentors offering their time for free.