This guide will help you install NodeJS & NPM on Windows, Mac or Linux. If you need some help to get the installation done, please let is know!

NodeJS & NPM

Install NodeJS & NPM

We start with installing NodeJS & NPM, go to, download the file for your computer (Windows, Mac), and execute the installation file.

For Linux you have to do it in a different way, it depends on you version/distribution of Linux. Go to the installation page for package managers, search you Linux version. And there the will show you which command you should use.

Installation done?

After the installation, open your terminal, type in:

npm -v


node -v

With this command, you check the version number.  If you get the version number back, everything is good! If you get the message “command not found” or something like that. there was something wrong with the installation.

For windows, it could help to close the terminal and open it again.


If you have any problems with the installation of NodeJS or NPM, please add a comment below or send us an email or tweet. Because we love to help you out.

This guide is created to support the “Frontend Workflow #1: NPM, NodeJS, GulpJS, Bower & Git (video)” video.

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