It’s been quite some time from my side on the blog.

But I wasn’t quite at all. I’ve had nice conversations with a few of you.

I’ve did some other things myself. I didn’t knew which direction we needed to take with the Mr Frontend Community.

But I think I found a way, I guess!

I saw that a few of you needed more motivation talking than technical blogposts. So I’ve listend to the message you all send to me!

That’s why today I took the leap of faith and recorded the first episode of “Mr Frontend Motivation Talk”. That was the first step and I have plenty to record!

If you have topic requests for the next episodes, please put them in the comments! I would be very happy to help you stay motivated in becoming a better developer.


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  • Ovidiu Voicu

    I’m not a podcast guy but I have to say I liked it a lot. I could relate entirely with what you’ve expressed in it. Especially the part where you talked about failing. It really made me think about dropping this fear of failure and just embrace failure and learn from it. What I really liked the most was the fact that I could hear your car turn signal at some point which to me sounds like you really wanted to express that message at that point. This is very genuine and no bs so I really like it. Hope you will continue with this series! Thank you!

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